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Programming MARVEL Fiber Laser with WiCAM

Xteg relies on WiCAM | OEM CADCAM system

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Mechanical engineering
5. April 2022
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Individual postprocessor programming
Customised OEM solutions
Full automation possible
WiCAM is manufacturer-independent
Harald Kunz, Managing Director of Xteg GmbH

“With WiCAM we have found a partner who can control our machines PPS-supported with only one programme, read in all types of 3D files and combine them with any other machine manufacturer.”


For programming, Xteg uses the experience and competence of WiCAM. With the PN4000 programming system, MARVEL lasers are produced fully automatically with PPS and logistics integration – and with all the tricks, such as joint cut-offs and intelligent approach strategies, that modern fibre laser programming has to offer.

Mr. Kunz, Managing Director of Xteg GmbH about the laser market and the cooperation with WiCAM:

At the moment we are experiencing the biggest revolution in 2D laser machines. The CO2 laser has accompanied us in the market for over 30 years is, now being replaced by fibre lasers from various manufacturers.

In 2019, due to the overall change in the laser market, we had the situation that we had to look for a new technology. And what could be more natural than embarking the journey to China to visit the major manufacturers, many of whom are still unknown to us today. We were surprised and also convinced by their machine quality, by their performance. A dimension we could not have imagined at all.


With the fibre laser machines from the middle , Xteg GmbH has been offering HGTECH’s laser technology in German-speaking countries since August 2019. The laser outputs are in the range of 4KW to 20KW. The very good price-performance ratio and the economic efficiency put the established competitors under mighty pressure.

We have decided our cooperation with the company HGTECH in August 2019, and have delivered the first machines with the cooperation WICAM in October 2021.

For us, the decision to go with WICAM was made very quickly. In the past, it was very important when a client bought a technology, whether it was from the area of punching, lasering or bending, the manufacturer’s software was automatically puchased.

You felt in good hands and was looked after all around. But with the change in the market, and the openness to bring new technologies into the workshop, you are suddenly put in a situation where you feel rather encircled and chained.

And these changes specifically in the next generation of management, of younger employees or the next manager, they want more flexibility.

Away from the old traditional. And for that, you need a software producer who is precisely prepared for this change. From our point of view, we are on the right track with WiCAM.”


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