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Price calculation for mechanical engineering

Your partner for exact price calculation

Web-based price calculation, webshop solution, CAD and NC format conversion, processing of entire assemblies and geometry creation. Besides our standard webshop solutions, you can easily use parts of our software solutions online for an exact price calculation via API interface.

WiCAM’s API interface provides you with exact machine and production-related preliminary calculations for the pricing of individual parts and entire assemblies within seconds.

WiCAM’s cloud solution is scalable and can process any amount of data in parallel. This offers large platform and webshop operators in particular the decisive advantage in efficient price calculation.

For companies like Laserhub, Suplacon or DeCromvoirtse, the API interface is already an integral part of the price calculation.

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Price calculation of cutting parts

You store your machinery and your calculation scheme once and in future you will receive the data for time, material and/or price calculation for every requested 2D and 3D component 24/7 directly in your web shop or ERP system.

Process entire assemblies, virtually nest, calculate & convert in seconds via WiCAM’s cloud-based solution!

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„Since recently, 3D parts in step format can also be requested and automatically offered via our webshop. The open structure of WiCAM and the interfaces ensure a smart, transparent flow of information – from the CAD drawings of our customers to the finished assembly – if desired, with quantity ‘one’ the next day.“

Gerhard van de Guchte
Head of Production at Suplacon
Success story

„Integrated into our ERP system and our web shop, PN4000 controls our complete production according to the utilization up to 24 hours on 7 days per week. The communication between the IT systems and our production also runs around the clock fully automatically. For the few remaining special cases we still need a half CADCAM …“

Janwillem Verschuuren
Managing Director of De Cromvoirtse
Success story

„WiCAM already was very advanced in regards to interface connectivity at the beginning of the cooperation. With this progress, the integration of WiCAMs functions at Laserhub via the API interface could be realised very quickly. Besides the interface connectivity we found a company that wanted to rethink the procurement process with us completely.”

Adrian Raidt
Managing Director of Laserhub
Success story
PNCloud solution in 45 seconds!

Webshop Solution

Under the name “offer2order” we offer contract manufacturers as well as sheet metal production companies a standardised webshop solution.

The webshop environment can be adapted to your own style. Logo and colours can be freely configured. You save the production parameters and your calculation formula once and in the future your customers can order parts from you in seconds.

Calculate locally

The exact price calculation of sheet metal parts is a central component for every company.

For this purpose, we offer our customers a local calculation solution. This runs, on request, in your company’s own network – within seconds you receive exact machine and production-related preliminary calculations for the pricing of individual parts as well as entire assemblies.

API interface

Do you operate a platform or want a webshop that is individually tailored to your needs? Then WiCAM is exactly the right partner for you.

With our API interface you have the possibility to use parts of our solution – if desired directly from your CAD/CAM or ERP/PPS. This offers large platform and webshop operators in particular the decisive advantage in efficient price calculation.

API - Interface

Make use of subfunctions or the full capabilities of our online tools in your programs – and in your interfaces. The standardized API interface provides you with fast and accurate calculated data and files for your products.

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