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The PN4000 offers many modules which allow us to adapt our software solution to your production.

Modules - Extensions


Extensive functions for creating and changing drawings, as well as the transfer from other CAD systems.


  • Full 2D-CAD functionality such as creating elements (line, circle, arc, spline, special shapes)
  • Manipulating existing elements (modify, trim, delete, move, copy, mirror, scale, etc.)
  • Creating text with Windows fonts (for example, for engraving)
  • Generation of standard handling cones, cylinders, arcs, pipe to pipe, etc. by simple parameter input
  • Dimensioning
  • Vectorize bitmap graphics
  • Perforation image creation of image files
  • Import of third-party formats


Unfold import your 3D parts and assemblies from other CAD systems.

At the klick of a mouse, the 2D flat pattern is generated. The repair functions automatically correct critical 3D elements.

The bending parameters are material-related and can be defined as a deduction value or K-factor. Bending radius, angle and thickness are always considered.

In conjunction with the automation modules, you can integrate the complete processing automatically.

Import formats:
STEP Import | IGES Import | SAT Import | STL Import | SolidWorks | SolidEdge | Inventor | Parasolid | Catia V4 / V5 | NX | Creo / ProE | JT


Parametric creates parameterized individual parts or assemblies in different sizes and designs. You can enter the parameters via dialog boxes or import them from external sources. The automation modules allow you to generate parts and assemblies fully automatically.


  • Automatic generation of one or more parts by parameter input
  • Generation of a parametric source program from a created individual part / geometry
  • Automatic generation of dependent assemblies
  • Integrated programming language with mathematical functions and conditions
  • Support of subroutine technique
  • Support of parametric macros
  • Parametric placement of tools
  • Creation of own parameters and user input


Nesting automatically puzzles your parts with the best material utilization and the highest process safety. Common cuts for punching and laser processing and combined machining increase the efficiency and reduce the production time. With integrated material management, you enter stocks and consumptions as well as material-related information, such as batches and storage bins.


  • Automatic nesting of any complex parts on any raw material (such as standard sheets and remnants)
  • Different strategies for best material utilization
  • Nesting for common cuts (punching, laser and combined processing)
  • Special nesting routines for machines with right angle shears and punch/shear combinations
  • Automatic nesting for machines with multi heads units
  • Grid cutting
  • Nesting of blanks
  • Consideration of disposals
  • Automatic nesting of grouped parts
  • Automatic part rotation in any angle (configurable per part)
  • Filling of inner contours
  • All results can be changed later
  • Nesting for skeleton-free processing
  • Mixing parts for grids with parts for common cuts on one sheet
  • Automatic creation of remnants
  • All nesting parameters can be configured depending on machine and material

Order Management

Order management organizes Your the production orders. Quantity lists, production dates and any order data are taken into account according to your specifications for the optimal compilation of nesting jobs.


  • Management of production orders
  • Monitoring of production stages such as release, completion, cancel and scrap
  • Optional connection to SQL database
  • Connection to ERP system for transferring the order data and feedback of the production data
  • Automatically create nesting jobs based on various filter criteria such as material, thickness, machine, customer, delivery date, etc.

Order Control / Control Center / Production Analysis

PNControl guides and monitors your production and production dates.

You can see at any time which order is being manufactured on which machine. The machine feed back provide you with an overview of machine utilization, work progress – and can determine the status for entire orders or individual parts within seconds.

The control center function manages the production run. In PN4000, the NC data can be created simultaneously for several machines via corresponding automatisms. This allows nesting jobs to be flexibly assigned to the respective machines, released and, if necessary, rescheduled by the click of a mouse .


Remnant Management

The remnant management automatically creates remnants for further use in future nesting.


  • Automated creation of remnant from a nested sheet based on given criteria such as minimum size or minimum weight
  • Approval of the complete skeleton sheet as plate remnant with regard to pierce points and lead-ins
  • Management of multiple plate remnants per sheet
  • Generate remnants from previous remnants
  • Connection to stock control for the confirmation of actual stock quantities
  • Prioritise plate remnants for usage in generation of future nests

Bevel Cutting

Bevel Cutting runs your machines with 2.5 and 3D cutting heads.


  • Automatic setting of bevels
  • Upper / lower bevel with / without bridge
  • X-bevel
  • K-bevel
  • Support of 5-axis machining for bevels with dynamic angle change
  • Consideration of additional ‘part to part’ distances at the edge of the nest in nesting
  • Depending on the postprocessor / machine version possible for the technologies ‘Laser’, ‘Oxygen / Plasma’ and ‘Water’


Automatic destruction of scrap island and leftover strips



Function examples:

Script language controls PN4000 externally.
Function examples:

  1. Start PN4000
  2. Import CAD file
  3. Define single part technology (laser, punching)
  4. Import order information
  5. Automatic nesting
  6. Output of the NC-programs
  7. Feedback to PPS
  8. Close PN4000



Autoloop allows the transfer of external data via an interface in PN4000.
Function examples:

  1. Import geometric information
  2. Generate parts by parameters
  3. Program single parts
  4. Export graphics
  5. Automatic calculation of parts
  6. Apply orders
  7. Justify inventories
  8. Combination of nesting jobs



Jobloop fully automates the processing of all upcoming orders sorted by machine, material and sheet thickness. Various filters such as customer, date and subsequent processing optimize the selection for perfect results.
Function examples:

  1. Automatic nesting
  2. Optimisation of manufacturing processes
  3. Combined common cuts
  4. Output of NC-programs and production papers
  5. Feedback to PPS


PN engine

PN Engine monitors directories and executes automatically defined actions when changes occur. By this you are able to perform tasks such as automatic creation of nestings by order file or simple linkings to to PPS / ERP systems.


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