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Bend Simulation For Press Brakes


PNBend offers a wide range of functions that provide you with a noticeable increase in efficiency in everyday production, right up to full automation.

With our integrated bending simulation, we offer you a manufacturer-independent complete solution. This eliminates all interfaces between 3D and 2D.

Our software solution generates the nesting, the unwinding and the finished bending programme from your parts in one interface – fully automatically ERP controlled if required.

3D parts as well as entire assemblies are ready for production with a few mouse clicks and functions such as the batch run enable ERP/PPS-integrated 24/7 full automation for processing, parts programming, calculation, webshop or pre-planning.

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Bend Simulation

PNBend is the bending simulation for external programming of press brakes from various manufacturers.


The "Unwind" function generates the 2-dimensional file at the touch of a button or fully automatically.


PNBend is WiCAM’s bending simulation for the simulation and processing of individual parts or entire assemblies. 3D file formats of all common CAD manufacturers can be read in and processed. The bending simulation takes over the offline programming of CNC edge benches from different manufacturers.


PNBend enables unmanned offline programming and, if required, generates all information for quotations, preliminary costing, shift/capacity/material planning – and generates the unwinds for your cutting machines as well as the NC texts and bending documentation for your press brakes.

  • Automatic bending sequence
  • Automatic tool selection
  • Automatic stop positioning
  • Full automation via batch mode

Unfold of assemblies

The supreme discipline in unfold is the unfolding of entire assemblies.

  • Component type recognition (sheet metal component, round and rectangular tubes, flat components, rolled components)
  • Automatic recognition of purchased parts
  • Automatic processing of complete assemblies in batch mode

Unfold of individual parts

With PNBend, you can not only process entire assemblies but also individual parts fully automatically in seconds.

  • Processing of sheet metal components
  • Unfold of round and rectangular pipes
  • Unfold of rolled sheets
  • Adjustment of the bending radius in 3D models
  • Reconstruction from one side

Bending tools

The following bending tools are supported by PNBend:

  • Standard tools
  • Offset tools
  • Horn Tools
  • Rebate tools
  • Shaft tools
  • Support tool groups
  • Preferred tools

Bending technologies

The following bending technologies are supported by PNBend as standard:

  • Recognising roll bends
  • Step bends
  • Pre-bending
  • Folding (180 degree bend)
  • Combined bending
  • Take out bends (e.g. roll bends)
  • 4-, 5-, 6-axis stop systems
  • Adapters for punch and die

Recognition of geometries

The following geometries are automatically recognised by PNBend: Gill, counterbore, thread, pull-through, cup, bridge, tab, engraving, roll beading, roll settling, bolt, blind hole, embossing, press nut, visible side, grinding direction and symbols.

Attribute recognition

The following attributes are automatically recognised by PNBend:

  • Visible side from SolidWorks
  • Thread attributes from SolidWorks
  • Hole type attributes from SoldiWorks
  • Material
  • Colours

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