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CAD/CAM Online


Web-based calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, unfolding of complete assemblies, geometry creation.

Use essential parts of our products online without previous knowledge.

As manufacturer, you can integrate the algorithms into your own products via the API interface.

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PNCloud solution in 45 seconds!
Mr. Adrian Raidt, CEO of Laserhub

“WiCAM already was very advanced in regards to interface connectivity at the beginning of the cooperation. With this progress, the integration of WiCAMs functions at Laserhub via the API interface could be realised very quickly. Besides the interface connectivity we found a company that wanted to rethink the procurement process with us completely.”

Success Story

Next Generation

With the Web-Client, we are pursuing the clear vision of setting the standards today for the programming of tomorrow.

Processing of entire assemblies, virtual nesting, calculation & conversion in seconds via the cloud based solution of WiCAM!

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Use our online tools directly in your browser on any device at any location!

Basic Functions

  • Unfold of 3D Files
  • Unfold of Assemblies
  • Calculation of individual parts
  • Calculation of assemblies
  • Convert CAD files to other formats
  • Convert NC programs
  • Create parts yourself

Webshop Solution

Sell your products online!
Powerful webshop solutions offer customers, sheet metal parts according to your specifications around the clock, create offers – and increase utilization, sales, customer loyalty and profits of your production.

Basic Functions

  • DXF / CAD Import
  • 3D Unfold
  • Unfold Assemblies
  • Individual offer calculation

ERP Connection

Use the function of our online tools directly in your ERP system. The standardized API interface automatically provides your PPS/ERP or MES system with prices, material and capacity requirements right from the first inquiry.

Basic Function

  • API-Interface


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our Software Products

CAD/CAM Automation


CADCAM/Nesting solution for ERP/PPS controlled CNC cutting, punching, shearing, milling and combined machining – manual to fully automatic.

Order Management


Order management, detailed planning, production feedback and monitoring of deadlines and production.



Unfolding, bend simulation and offline programming of CNC press brakes from various manufacturers.



Online unfolding, calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, parametric component creation.


Technische Software

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New post processors for Zünd, Omax, Waterjet Sweden & Ermaksan

In the first quarter of 2022, WiCAM developed a range of new processors for machines from various manufacturers.

WiCAM remains independent

With this step WiCAM guarantees all customers, partners and machine manufacturers absolute manufacturer neutrality also for the future.