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Webshop Solution

Our solutions have been an integral part of sheet metal parts for years – web shops all over the world. Take advantage of our digital know-how of quotation and order management to make optimum use of your machinery online.

Control the incoming orders, turnover and profit of your production equipment according to your priorities and parameters with minimal effort.

In addition to ‘small’ webshop solutions with CAD drawing, import and 3D assembly processing, you have the possibility to offer, accept or pass on any production volume in seconds via direct interfaces to major customers and competitors.

Basic Functions

1. Upload 2D / 3D files and Assemblies
2. Unfold and Calculated Files are transferred to WiCAM via an interface
3. Selling price is determined Customer receives cent exact prices in seconds

Sheet Metal Job Shop with Webshop/ERP Solution

Suplacon programms with WiCAM

Customer Benefits

  • Data exchange with online webshop
  • Data exchange with PPS / ERP system
  • Production control
  • Machine change with a mouse click
  • Real-time evaluation of the machine feedback

Customer Review


Gerhard van de Guchte, Production manager at Suplacon

“Since recently, 3D parts in step format can also be requested and automatically offered via our webshop. In addition, our customers can calculate and order collective orders in seconds using Excel lists. The wishes of our customers are the benchmark that our offer must exceed. The open structure of WiCAM and the interfaces ensure a smart, transparent flow of information – from the CAD drawings of our customers to the finished assembly – if desired, with quantity ‘one’ the next day.”

Success Story

API - Interface

Make use of subfunctions or the full capabilities of our online tools in your programs – and in your interfaces. The standardized API interface provides you with fast and accurate calculated data and files for your products.

Data exchange: API | according to arrangement



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Successful Start in the Year

As a result of the Corona virus, we have brought forward planned investments to expand these areas and expect a significant increase in efficiency in the future.

Milling with the Trumpf punch head

So far, anyone who wanted to weld something onto coated sheet metal could not avoid the subsequent manual surface removal.