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Bend Simulation For Press Brakes

Bend Simulation For Press Brakes

PNBend is the bending simulation for external programming of press brakes by different manufacturers. The automatic functions create the bending programs for your machines from 3D data quick and easy.


  • Automatic tool selection according to individual priorities
  • Recognition of material and bending process information including bending factors and production radii
  • Automatic processing / generation of 2D data
  • Tool library for standard and special bending tools
  • Definition / drawing of own special tools
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal bending sequence
  • Automatic finger stop programming
  • 3D collision control
  • Creation of the NC program and setup plan / page sequence sheet

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One software for all press brakes?!

No swapping between different programs with different interfaces – one program interface for all production steps.

Orders are transferred manually or automatically to the WiCAM software, parts are processed, nested and bend simulated. With PNBend you have one software for all press brakes.

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WiCAM software solution in 60 seconds!

“The processing and production-ready preparation of the bent parts accelerates and facilitates the work preparation. Finished bending programs with documentation and time saved for ‘trial and error’ on the press brakes create free capacities in production.”

Mr. Spitzmüller
Head of NC programming at Meiko
Success Story

“We intend to quintuple our production output over the next few years with the same level of quality. The scalable automation and the manufacturer-independent philosophy gives us all freedom for future strategies and decisions in our company.”

Mr. Aart von Ginkel
Production Manager at Mitsubishi
Success Story

“The simple, intuitive user interface and the excellent personal support by WiCAM’s local support staff convinced the production planning staff too – Within just a few weeks all CADCAM programmers began to use PN4000 for programming.”

Mr. Kuipers
Managing Director at Kuipers
Success Story


PNBend offers a wide range of functions that provide you with a noticeable increase in efficiency in everyday production, right up to full automation.



As a manufacturer-independent bending solution, PNBend supports the following control systems:

  • Delem DLD / DLC
  • Trumpf Touchpoint
  • Trumpf T3500T Multi-Touch-Control
  • Trumpf T8000T Multi-Touch-Control
  • Trumpf TASC 6000
  • LVD Touch-B
  • Bystronic
  • Amada AMNC 3i

Supported machines

With PNBend you can program all common machine manufacturers.

  • Trumpf TruBend
  • Bystronic Xpert
  • EHT
  • LVD


Manufacturer-independent supports all common machine manufacturers
Bend Simulation Offline programming of press brakes
Unfold 3D parts as well as whole assemblies

Manufacturer-independent bending with PNBend

The automatic functions create the bending programmes for your machines quickly and easily from 3D data.

The processing and simulation of the bent parts with collision control detects design errors and possible production problems.

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Bending Is Art

Bendable or not? And if so – how? These are often the crucial questions even with slightly complex parts and assemblies.

PNBend programs press-brakes by various manufacturers offline – and gives you exactly the support you need to create process-safe bending programs quick and easy.
The unfolding routines generate the flat part with the exact deduction values. The intelligent algorithms generate and simulate the optimum bending sequence, the positions of the tool stations and finger stops during active collision control.

This immediately indicates whether the parts are producible. Process data for the bend zone is imported directly. All bending information of the component (opening angle, radius, punch, die and special bending techniques) can be viewed and changed in PNBend.
Each function can be modified by the click of a mouse.


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PN4000 | Programming of current Amada press brakes now possible

All current Amada press brakes with the “AMNC 3i” control can now be programmed with the PNBend software module in PN4000.

WiCAM France SAS is now Qualiopi certified!

At WiCAM France SAS, we understand that investing in software also means investing in the knowledge and skills of your employees.


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