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CAD/CAM Nesting Software

with PPS / ERP connection for automated productions

CAD/CAM Nesting Software

with PPS / ERP connection for automated productions

PN4000 is the CAD / CAM / Nesting system for PPS / ERP-driven programming of CNC cutting, punching and portal milling machines of all kinds.


Scalable price calculation

directly from cloud

Scalable price calculation

directly from cloud

WiCAM’s API interface provides you with exact machine and production-related preliminary calculations for pricing of individual parts and entire assemblies within seconds.


Bend Simulation

Manufacturer-independent offline programming for press brakes

Bend Simulation

Manufacturer-independent offline programming for press brakes

PNBend is the bending simulation for external programming of press brakes by different manufacturers. The automatic functions create the bending programs for your machines from 3D data quick and easy.


WiCAM develops and sells high-end CAD / CAM and nesting software for automated 2D and 2.5D CNC manufactuting. Groups such as Siemens, Rittal, Liebherr, Thyssen-Krupp, Claas, Otis and many medium-sized companies belong to our customer base.
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our Software Products

CAD/CAM Automation


CADCAM/Nesting solution for ERP/PPS controlled CNC cutting, punching, shearing, milling and combined machining – manual to fully automatic.

Order Management


Order management, detailed planning, production feedback and monitoring of deadlines and production.



Unfolding, bend simulation and offline programming of CNC press brakes from various manufacturers.



Online unfolding, calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, parametric component creation.

Service, Training & Support

With WiCAM, SERVICE is capitalized. From consulting to installation, special development, training and maintenace we support you with our specialists. Together with you we work out tailor-made concepts for your goals.




WiCAM founds subsidiary in France

With increasing demand in Central Europe, it was a logical step for us to strengthen our presence in France.

Blechexpo 2023 Review

At this year’s Blechexpo, WiCAM presented the current development status of the PN4000 with a …

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25. - 28.03.2024 | Exhibition

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CAD/CAM Group Solutions

Groups worldwide rely on WiCAM software.

Thousands of the world’s most successful companies use our solutions in their production chain.

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Our process reliability has increased significantly thanks to WiCAM. For complex recurring processes, we can set up routines that automatically fulfil our requirements and needs. Standard processes such as automatic order transfer and machine feedback are just two examples of processes we have come to rely on.

Andreas Schrägle - Department Manager

In the last decade we've again grown tremendously. There is no way we could produce economically on this level without a powerful, flexible software.

Kuipers CNC-Blechtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Kuipers - Owner and Managing Director

The WiCAM solution blends perfectly into our IT process chain, offering reliable, inconspicuous and error-free data delivery as we produce the components of our products day after day.

AL-KO Therm
Mr. Herrmann - Plant Manager

WiCAM's PN products have paid off in the shortest possible time. They enable Bader to engage in cross-plant capacity planning and frees up capacity for innovations and further growth.

Bader Gruppe
Tobias Höhnlein - Production Manager

In last weeks, I've been increasingly using WiCAM support with my colleagues because of the rebuilding our server landscape. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the consistently high quality of the collaboration and dedication of their support staff. All concerns were resolved quickly and we were able to maintain the continuous operation of the WiCAM software.

Dierk Erdmann - IT Manager

The WiCAM PN4000 has been a central part of our company right from the start. It assists our day-to-day business in a highly efficient manner in all areas and gives me all the freedom for the future.

Bas van Pelt - Owner and Production Manager

PN 4000 is integrated into the company's ERP system and online shop and manages all production processes, up to 24 hours per day depending on capacity utilisation.

De Cromvoirtse
Janwillem Verschuuren - Co-owner and Managing Director

Every day up to 50 finished vehicles roll off the assembly lines. This is only possible thanks to highly efficient process control and the connection to the automatic processes in WiCAM PN4000.

Mr. Heumos - CAM project supervisor

PN4000 convinced us from the very beginning. It made it very easier for us to reach our self-imposed goals. We have been able to cut programming time by more than 30%. Today, we program many products fully automatically, with minimal material waste.

Frederic Pitet - Managing Director

Thanks to WiCAM we can manage this vital part of the manufacturing process directly from our ERP system. There is no need to enter any data at the machines. I can no longer imagine running our production lines in a conventional manner with non-networked stand-alone solutions. That´s just one reason why we consider WiCAM to offer outstanding value for money.

Pfeuffer GmbH
Stefan Wolf - Authorised representative

The open structure of WiCAM and the interfaces ensure a smart, transparent flow of information from our customers' CAD drawings to the finished assembly, if desired, with a quantity of „one“ the very next day.

Gerard van de Guchte - Production Manager

WiCAM PN4000 has always worked flawlessly ever since its installation. The last few years, in particular, impressively demonstrate just how valuable the decision has been for us. From AutoCAD Inventor and Microsoft Dynamics to structural IT enhancements - WiCAM software provided all the necessary interfaces to close the IT process chain.

Volta Edelstahl
Lorenz Reindl - Managing Director

WiCAM is an essential success factor for our company. When it comes to offering flexibility and automation, their standard software is strong. In terms of Industry 4.0, especially, Warema's dynamic processes have not just been supported but in many cases actually simplified thanks to existing solutions or creative new ideas.

Warema Renkhoff SE
Stefan Vandeven - Head of technology

Most nestings are created automatically according to PPS specifications with common cuts. The integrated revision control function monitors the production data and ensures maximum transparency. And if there are any issues, we have immediate digital access to the full parts history.

Louis Renié - Production Manager


Our software solutions are available in 10 languages and is used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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WiCAM founds subsidiary in France

With increasing demand in Central Europe, it was a logical step for us to strengthen our presence in France.

Blechexpo 2023 Review

At this year’s Blechexpo, WiCAM presented the current development status of the PN4000 with a …


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