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Elevator Manufacturing programms with WiCAM

PPS/ERP – controlled group solution

Case Study
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Amada • Bystronic • Prima Power • Salvagnini • Trumpf
10. April 2017
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The qualities of the WiCAM PN 4000 are particularly important when individual parts or assemblies are to be produced in variable sizes from oder quantity ,one’. Modern elevator manufacturers can thus automate the production process. The output of the production process usually consists of a PPS / ERP system such as SAP, Baan, Navision, or customer-driven developments.

In these are then all means of production and steps. The necessary data such as CAD files, revisions, dates, variants and runtimes are checked and calculated far before the actual production in a simulation run of PN4000. The PPS / ERP system uses this information for planning, precalculation and material ordering.

On the production day, the data is transferred to PN4000,  which automatically creates the necessary control files for storage systems and CNC machines. This creates in seconds the entire production chain for complex assemblies, i.g. Lift cages, doors, frames or shaft linings – from the raw material to the finished edge – and each component is unique.

Express orders and missing parts can always be flexibly manufactured together with planned orders. Through the status messages of the machines, PN4000 and the PPS / ERP system always know the current real-time status of the individual components. The work preparation can thus concentrate on fine planning and process optimization.

The open structure and the various interfaces in PN4000 enable every customer request, such as the integration of proprietary software or individual database queries for controlling and production. The independence of WiCAM as a software producer enables the arbitrary linking of different production technologies, automation components and manufacturers – and thus forms the basis for the innovations of the future.


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