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Metallbau Weisel relies on WiCAM & Xteg

Metallbau Weisel produces with new MARVEL fiber laser from Xteg and relies on the PN4000 from WiCAM for programming!

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1. June 2023
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Control of different production technologies
Automatic transfer of CAD files
Control of all functions of the MARVEL Fiberlaser system
Price calculation via our "PN4000" programming system
Dennis Weisel, Managing Director at Metallbau Weisel

“I would never have believed that it was possible for us as a small medium-sized company to economically operate a state-of-the-art fiber laser machine with a suitable software. Thanks to Xteg and WiCAM, this has now become possible and I am happy to have the best partners by my side in the future.”

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Dennis Weisel, the managing director of Metallbau Weisel has always been willing to invest in the future. When he moved his company, including production, to a new hall in Gau-Algesheim near Mainz in 2019, he decided to generate the electricity for his production facility himself. As a result, the entire hall roof is now equipped with a 164 kW photovoltaic system. With the self-generated energy, the company now produces stairs, canopies, railings and much more. Surplus electricity is fed into the grid.

Until 2022, the company purchased laser-cut sheet metal parts externally, with an in-house guillotine shear being the only cutting technology available on site.


With its own PV system as well as a nitrogen generator, Metallbau Weisel produces laser parts 100% autag.

With the increasing demand for sheet metal parts, as well as the tremendous power generation from his own PV system, Dennis Weisel grew to consider purchasing his own fiber laser system. Acquiring his own laser system for small production operations was previously not possible, but with the introduction of fiber technology and the advancing globalization in the industrial sector, completely new opportunities arose for companies like Weisel Metallbau. After an intensive market research, Dennis Weisel decided to purchase a 2D MARVEL fiber laser system from HGTECH at Xteg, the largest European sales agency.

Dennis Weisel on the question, why he decided for the MARVEL laser system: After a 6-hour technical discussion with Mr. Kunz, managing director of Xteg, it was clear to me, here I found exactly the right business partner for the acquisition of my first fiber laser system. Especially the price difference to comparable systems made my decision for the MARVEL fiber laser system particularly easy.”


With the decision, the question of a suitable programming system which offers flexibility for the future and can integrate further technologies such as bending” arose at the same time. Mr. Kunz then invited Mr. Weisel to Xteg’s annual Fiber Days, where he had the opportunity to meet all of Xteg’s partners in person. One of them was and still is the software house WiCAM, located near Karlsruhe, which offers Xteg customers a manufacturer-independent CAD/CAM system for controlling their MARVEL fiber laser system as well as all common other manufacturers.

Mr. Weisel on the question, why he decided for WiCAM: “Beside the various possibilities as for example the internal calculation as well as the simple handling the main reason for the introduction of the programming system PN4000 of WiCAM was that I have here like with Xteg a domestic partner, no understanding problems or any foreign hotlines but software made in Germany.”


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