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Volta programms with WiCAM

CADCAM Software Solution for Prima Power CG 1540 fiber laser with LSR

Case Study
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Prima Power • Finn-Power
26. June 2018
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Anyone who equips commercial kitchens, hotels and luxury restaurants will automatically face the company Volta Edelstahl from Austria.

As a ‘buy-out’ of a company group Ing. Erwin Reindl bought the sheet metal production on Lake Constance 20 years ago, invested little later in an automated punch laser combination machine Finn-Power LP6 with LPR – and has formed over the years one most renowned production facilities of kitchen stainless steel furniture.

To program the machine, the PN4000 was used by WiCAM from the very beginning.

In 2018, the became old machine was replaced by the current Prima Power Combi Genius 1540 fiber laser CF3000 with loading and stacking robot LSR.

Lorenz Reindl, second generation Managing Director, has significantly contributed to the introduction of fiber technology and the conversion to a digitally structured company:

The WiCAM PN4000 has always worked flawlessly over the years. Just how valuable the decision was for the company was impressively demonstrated by the last few years.

Whether it’s AutoCAD Inventor, Microsoft Dynamics, or structural IT enhancements – WiCAM software had the interfaces – to easily close the IT process chain.

The new Prima Power CG is another big step forward with its possibilities and almost twice the production speed.

The load in the work preparation has remained very moderate, since all parts and nestings can be taken over.

The preconfigured postprocessor ran from the first day in all details. In addition, the auto-tooling in the current PN4000 version is so good that the large revolver of the new machine with its 16 index stations, even for existing components, can be fully utilized automatically.

Lorenz Reindl: ‘Every kitchen is tailored to the customer. For standard parts, we are supported by the automation of the new combination machine – at nesting, unique parts, and complex unfoldings the intelligent software algorithems help us through.

This way can we offer our customers maximum quality with minimum delivery dates – and the reproduction of a spare part for a 10-year-old special construction is done by the mouse click. ‘


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