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Metal Mobil programms with WiCAM

Automation software for latest Trumpf machinery

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31. July 2018
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When Brothers Arnauld and Frederic Pitet took over their parents’ sheet metal business in 2003, they had a clear goal: ‘We build the most advanced sheet metal manufacturing in the region, efficiently and fully aligned with our customers’.

In 2005, a new trump laser machine was acquired for this purpose.

Frederic Pitet recalls: “Since 2007, we have been investing in new machines continously. By this, we raised the turnover from 2 to 5 million euros within 10 years. From the experience with various computer systems in the past, we knew that the CADCAM system plays a crucial role in this.”

The specifications were: simple, fast, error-free and, before all, to programm ERP-controlled single parts to medium-sized series – in order to be able to mix any standard program with ‘on-demand’ production.

Frederic Pitet: PN4000 convinced us from the very beginning. We easily achieved our self-imposed goals.

We reduced the programming times by more than 30%. Today, we program many products fully automatically, with minimal material waste – and with significantly increased flexibility – error-free. We create dozens of scheduled nestings daily – just in time.

In 2018, MetalMobil commissioned a new fully automatic production line with a Trumpf TruPunch 5000 FMC and a Trumpf 5030 8kW Fiber with SortMaster connected to a Stopa storage system.

With this combination, thin sheet metal parts from 0.5 mm with all kinds of formings up to 40mm components can be produced manless.

Frederic Pitet: “For the new production line we choosed Trumpf’s latest solutions with all the options for maximum automation – and with WiCAM we were able to control everything from day one.

With this combination of machines and software we can react quickly to the demands of our customers.

Our employees have gatherd their experience and commitment to the realization of this project. Thus each day brings us closer to our own ambitious next goals.”


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on the 05th to 08th of Oktober at booth 1107 (Hall 1) WiCAM will present the current range of CAD / CAM / Nesting / Bending – Software for sheet metal manufacturers.

Sheet metal part with 13 bends – Bend & Unfold

At the klick of a mouse, the 2D flat pattern is generated. The repair functions automatically correct critical 3D elements.