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IBF programms with WiCAM

Amada EM / EMZ / EML / F1 / LC / Ensis / FOL Fiber Laser

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15. May 2016
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Based in southern Germany, IBF is a sheet metal job shop with 110 employees. Besides its own products, such as input terminals for production plants, IBF also manufactures complex assemblies for use in the medical technology industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and air conditioning and heating.

In 1993 IBF started out with an Amada Arcade 210. Today, it uses the full range of Amada top models, Among them are the EM and EMZ punch presses, an EML and an F1, and the latest FOL Fiber and Ensis models. All machines are controlled by WICAM’s PN4000 software, are largely fully automatic and manless, and produce blanks for further processing.

These blanks may later become birth spoons or throttle valves for a certain red Italian sports car brand. Asked about the advantages of WICAM, managing director Eugen Roser comments: WiCAM allows for much faster programming than any other system we have had in the past. We can swap out machines and equipment with just one click of the mouse. Common line cutting saves us time and material with every sheet which is revolutionary especially in regard to punching. There’s not been any serious problems and in those cases where we do need assistance, the hotline is just a call away. Since we installed the WiCAM software, we’ve not had a single hour of downtime yet.


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Assembly unfolding in 3D virtual reality

As part of R & D, WiCAM has been developing 3D VR solutions for some time.

Positive outlook for the second quarter of 2019

After the record-breaking beginning to the year, we are particularly pleased that we were able to realize large-scale projects in the second quarter of this year.