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Elting controlls production with WiCAM

ERP controlled CAD/CAM Solution

Case Study
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Trumpf • Bystronic
Mechanical engineering
29. September 2020
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Elting Metalltechnik GmbH & Co KG, located in Isselburg (Germany), has been producing metal goods for industry and hand craft for more than 70 years. After a rapid growth of the machine park in the last 10 years, Mr. Elting was faced with the problem that due to the various manufacturer-owned CAD/CAM systems, an increase in the degree of automation of production was no longer possible.

During the attempt to commit himself to a certain CAD/CAM system of a machine manufacturer, it very quickly became clear that it was technically impossible to program the machines of other manufacturers in a process-safe and automated way with the CAD/CAM system of a certain machine manufacturer.


Mr. Guido Elting, managing director of Elting Metalltechnik GmbH & Co.KG in conversation with Maximilian Herz about the introduction of the PN4000 programming system in his company.


Why did you decide on WiCAM?
“With our previous programming system, we were not able to automatically transfer the data from our ERP-system to the programming system. The open structure of WiCAM and the interface connectivity were the key to automate the data flow in the company – from the CAD drawings of our customers to the finished assembly.

We put WiCAM to test with our punching machines, punching is much more complex than laser cutting. When punching, I have tool sequences, different tool technologies and a moving panel. This is where a programming system separates the wheat from the chaff for me.

For us it is important that tomorrow we can work with the machines that we consider technically correct. Here I see WiCAM as the ideal partner for mastering the challenges of the future with this open system and the number of machines that can be controlled today. I can fully concentrate on my technology and do not have restrictions by my CAD/CAM system.”


How did the commissioning go?
“The introduction of the PN4000 into our company went very smoothly. We especially liked the fact that WiCAM is very technical in its thinking. In addition to a basic introduction during installation, further training was provided in webinars.”


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