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CAD/CAM/PPS software solutions with SAP connection

automate CNC productions | unfolding • nesting • punching • lasering • cutting • bending

The creation of integrated automation solutions based on CAD and order data has always been one of the core competences of WiCAM.

This includes communication with various solutions of storage systems, transport logistics, order systems, calculation programs, etc.

ERP/PPS connectivity in particular already enables our customers to implement holistic ‘next-level’ automation solutions – from raw materials, production and delivery to post-calculation and analysis.

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| Mr. Kuipers, Managing Director of Kuipers technologies GmbH:

“Looking back, the decision to partner with WiCAM was a major milestone on KUIPERS’ way to the top of its league. Very quickly, administration, production planning, production and logistics were networked so that the data from PN4000 could be made available for pre-calculation and for production a like.

When an order comes in, the ERP application Abas informs PN4000 of the parts that have to be produced and seconds later, after real-time nesting, is updated with the current production status and, at regular intervals, the data needed for actual costing.”

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WiCAM software solution in 60 seconds!

CAD/CAM/PPS Group Solution Siemens

  • Automated batch routines for all program functions
  • Control of all punching, laser and bending machines
  • Control of all automatic suction and transport systems
  • Scalable automation solutions
  • Open interface structure for data exchange according to Industry 4.0

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Automate your production

By linking PPS / ERP systems, CAD data and any data sources, our solutions enable the highest possible level of automation. Regardless of whether you want to control individual loading, unloading, storage or conveying systems, or integrate process-related techniques such as coil forming, bending, embossing, milling, chamfering, engraving, labeling, sorting, palletising, – or combine machines and options from different manufacturers – We look forward to partner with you to develop uniquely efficient solutions.

PN4000 is the CAD / CAM / Nesting system for PPS / ERP-driven programming of CNC cutting, punching and portal milling machines of all kinds.
The various modules and interfaces enable flexible job shop manufacturing, up to unmanned fully automated, industrial process chains.

Our specialists analyze together with you the requirements and put the needed modules together – and determine, if necessary, the individual development / adaptation effort.

PNBend is the bending simulation for external programming of press brakes by different manufacturers. The automatic functions create the bending programs for your machines from 3D data quick and easy.

Process data for the bend zone is imported directly. All bending information of the component (opening angle, radius, punch, die and special bending techniques) can be viewed and changed in PNBend.
Each function can be modified by the click of a mouse.

PNControl guides and monitors your production and production dates.

You can see at any time which order is being manufactured on which machine. The machine feed back provide you with an overview of machine utilization, work progress – and can determine the status for entire orders or individual parts within seconds.


Its core areas of expertise are ERP/ PPS-linked fully automated control, chaining and optimization of machines by the manufacturers Trumpf, PrimaPower, Amada, Bystronic and many more.

  • PPS/ERP controlled programming
  • Control of all cutting, punching, laser, bending machines
  • Control of all automatic suction and transport systems
  • Perfect integration into the IT process chain

our software solutions

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CAD/CAM System


CADCAM/Nesting solution for ERP/PPS controlled CNC cutting, punching, shearing, milling and combined machining

Order Management


Order management, detailed planning, production feedback and monitoring of deadlines and production.



Bend simulation and offline programming of CNC press brakes from various manufacturers.



Online unfolding, calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, parametric component creation.


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