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posted on 27. October 2022

TRUMPF EdgeLine Bevel available for PN4000

News, 27. October 2022

Image copyright: TRUMPF SE + Co. KG

With the introduction of the “EdgeLine Bevel” function, TRUMPF has set a milestone in the post-processing of sheet metal parts. Countersinks, bevels as well as fillets of sheet metal parts can now be generated directly by the laser head, thus eliminating the need for post-processing steps.

As a software manufacturer for the manufacturer-independent programming of CNC machines, we have the claim to implement new functions quickly in our programming system PN4000.


Image copyright: TRUMPF SE + Co. KG | Until now, anyone wanting to produce beveled cut edges on sheet metal components had to manually introduce these bevels into the component in an additional work step using a milling machine, a grinding machine or an angle grinder. With TRUMPF’s “EdgeLine Bevel” function, you can automatically create bevels directly during laser processing.


Especially for this process, we have developed a solution in cooperation with TRUMPF that allows WiCAM customers to fully utilize this optional machine function with their TRUMPF laser system in PN4000.

This process is not standard, but must be purchased through TRUMPF when the machine is purchased. Only then will ‘EdgeLine Bevel’ be programmable in PN4000 for all TRUMPF 2D laser machines (4-12 kW) of the latest generation.


EdgeLine Bevel can be used in the latest version of PN4000 from November 2022. The function must be enabled via WiCAM.


  • Bevel
    – Beveled surface on a sheet edge
  • Countersinks
    – Countersink taper up to 45° for countersunk screws
  • Curve
    – Rounding on sheet metal edge


  • Available for all PLL01 machines:
    L76/L88/L81/L90/L92/L95 …
  • Software on the machine:
    at least PLL01 V2.0 or higher
  • Laser power: 4 to 12 kW
  • Unloading with Liftmaster possible, but no automatic single sorting


With our programming system PN4000 you have the possibility to program all current models (TruPunch, TruLaser, TruMatic), automation systems as well as previous machines from 1980 on.

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