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posted on 21. February 2024

Maximum material savings thanks to software from WiCAM

News, 21. February 2024

Immerse yourself in a world of maximum efficiency with our ground-breaking power nesting routine. Since last year, we have been offering our customers an AI-supported nesting routine in PN4000 that enables material savings of up to 10% compared to conventional nesting routines.


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In the following text interview, Guido Herz, an expert in manufacturer-independent CAD/CAM systems, talks about the advantages and functionality of WiCAM’s Power Nesting routine. Find out first-hand how this innovative method can help you to optimise your working methods and achieve your goals more effectively.


What is the most important thing about a nesting routine?

The most important thing in nesting is the efficient utilisation of material. The more effectively my routines work, the more parts I can get out of my raw material and thus increase my profit. Various parameters such as entry and exit routes must be taken into account. It has been proven that the difference between a conventional nesting router and a power nesting router can be up to 10% per job. The special feature of the power nesting routines is their dynamic adaptability, depending on the specified time parameters in which the nesting result should be available.


Which machines is the power nesting routine suitable for?

The power nesting routine is relevant for all machines that use jet cutting, be it with waterjet, plasma or laser. This is where the Power Nester can fully utilise its strengths and achieve optimum results.


Which parts are ideal for the power nesting routine?

The power nesting routine is particularly interesting if you regularly produce small batches and want to nest a large number of different parts. The special feature of this nesting process is the algorithms, which adapt dynamically and test any number of parameters depending on the time specified in order to achieve the optimum nesting result.


How does the power nesting routine work?

While conventional nesting machines first place large parts on the panel and then nest small parts around them in a second step, the Power Nesting module works differently. It continuously moves all parts dynamically until the optimum result is achieved for each panel. In addition, the Power Nesting module makes it possible to jigsaw several panels at the same time, allowing an entire job to be optimised across several panels. The advantage of this approach is that you do not use up all the filling parts at the start, but have filling parts available until the last sheet, which leads to more efficient overall material utilisation over the entire job.



Compared to many other software manufacturers, WiCAM not only offers optimum nesting, but also the option of controlling your production directly from your ERP system – regardless of the manufacturer. Regardless of whether you have a Trumpf TruLaser, Bystronic laser system, LVD laser system or another CNC machine – with WiCAM you can control all manufacturers. The return on investment (ROI) for the power nesting routine is usually less than 6 months. This is analysed in advance by WiCAM in an online demo. After the demo, all customers have the opportunity to test the routine with their own parts for one month free of charge, provided they have the latest version of PN4000.


Experience the future of manufacturing with our AI-powered nesting routine and maximise your productivity while improving your environmental footprint. Contact us to find out more and take your production to the next level!

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