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combi-tech programmé avec WiCAM

sous traitance automatique avec laser Mazak

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16. mai 2017
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In the Netherlands, Combi-Tech produces sheet metal of all kinds for the automotive, furniture, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering industries. WiCAM Benelux has assisted the company, which began as a start-up in 2011, from the very beginning. To produce sheet metal blanks, Combi-Tech uses three automated Mazak lasers, controlled by PN4000.

Owner Bas van Pelt gives a brief review of the past few years: « When we bought the first machine, we started with a simple license. The service provided by WiCAM staff, but also the possibilities offered by the software have allowed us to grow very easily. »

For example, Combi-Tech uses a bidirectional interface to simulate orders with Excel in WiCAM for calculation purposes. As Bas van Pelt says, « I can calculate a request involving 500 parts and 150 different positions in just five minutes including ancillary costs for bending and welding. I can determine the production time and produce the quote – and that is our core strength – quickly and precisely calculated prices, high quality and subsequent punctual delivery. »

When Combi-Tech’s customers commission the production, PN4000 already has all the data and generates the necessary nestings, production documentation and labels in a matter of seconds. The production runs in three shifts. At night, machines with cell automation run without human input.

Again, here’s Bas van Pelt: « The PN4000 has been a central part of our company right from the start. It assists our day-to-day business in a highly efficient manner in all areas and gives me all the freedom for the future.

I can control every machine by every manufacturer. And the interface to the ‘Ridder’ ERP system, which we will introduce this year, is already available. »


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