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CAD/CAM/PPS Group Solution Krones

reportage d'utilisateurs
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Amada • Messer / Messer-Griesheim • Trumpf
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2. décembre 2019
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With more than 16,000 employees, Krones AG produces equipment for the beverage industry and food manufacturers. With thousands of patents and about € 4 billion turnover, the SDAX listed group is the global market leader in this field. Different legal regulations regarding hygiene standards, area habits, vessel shapes, materials, foods to be filled in and not least the degree of automation turns each facility into a unique project.

At at almost all production sites the CNC sheet metal manufacturing is the beginning of the dynamic production chain. Having introduced the WiCAM PN4000 in 2013 with convincing positive results in terms of SAP connectivity, manageability and efficiency, the work preparation divisional management decided to leverage these competitive advantages across the group.

In addition to the performance in daily business at the respective locations, the open, flexible structure of WiCAM is one of the biggest advantages in regards to of corporate governance. Licenses can be distributed as needed within seconds to locations around the world. Structural changes, new plants, company acquisitions and the introduction of machines from any manufacturer are planned, supported and implemented online from Neutraubling.

The resulting flexibility and scalability enables Krones not only to grow rapidly, either department wise or as a whole, but also to react immediately to changing market conditions. Today, Krones uses WiCAM’s CADCAM solutions in all sheet metal manufacturing plants around the world.

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Solution logicielle en tôlerie

Automatisation CAO/CFAO


CFAO/imbrication, solution pour ERP/PPS-découpage CNC, poinçonnage, cisaillage, fraisage et usinage combiné-manuel à entièrement automatique.

Gestion des commandes


Gestion des commandes, planification détaillée, confirmation de production et suivi des dates et de la production.



Traitement, simulation de pliage et programmation externe de presse plieuse CNC de différents constructeurs.

CFAO en ligne


Calcul de coût basé sur le Web, conversion de format CAO et NC, traitement, création de paramétrique.



16 Avenue de l’Europe
Building SXB1
67300 Schiltigheim

Phone: +33 97 30 35 875


Wilvo mise sur la solution CAD/CAM de WiCAM

Au deuxième trimestre, « Wilvo » a étendu son parc machine avec une nouvelle Prima Power Combi Genius 1530 avec une automatisation LST.

Mise à jour PN4000 – Version 2020 R2 (29.3_31)

Pour l’été 2020, nous publierons une mise à jour complète.