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Grown together clean – CAD/CAM Group Solution Meiko

reportage d'utilisateurs
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Trumpf • Bystronic • EHT • Hämmerle
cuisines commerciales
23. septembre 2019
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With innovative solutions for washing, cleaning and disinfecting, Meiko has become a world leader in commercial dishwashers.

For over 20 years, Meiko has used WiCAM’s solutions to program CNC machinery. The number of employees as well as the turnover have almost tripled in this time – to currently 2500 employees, respectively a 361 million € turnover. An essential component of our success has always been the continuous improvement of the quality of our end products – and the way they are produced.

Today, the current top models of the manufacturers Trumpf, Bystronic, Hämmerle and EHT punch, cut and bend many thousands of tons of stainless steel per year.

Mr. Spitzmüller, head of NC programming: ‘In the past, it was new production methods that made our work easier. Today, digital imaging and optimization of manufacturing processes with integrated connectivity bring significant improvements and increases in efficiency.’

The WiCAM bend simulation introduced in 2018 has paid off in just a few months. The processing and production-ready preparation of the bent parts accelerates and facilitates the work preparation.

Finished bending programs with documentation and time saved for ‘trial and error’ on the press brakes create free capacities in production. The PN4000 automatically processes ERP and CAD system data, creates NC programs, and provides all data for scheduling, storage systems, and parts logistics.

PN Control organizes the distribution of nesting jobs to the machines. The shift leader can easily react to bottlenecks, machine maintenance or urgent parts with a mouse click.

Mr. Spitzmüller: ‘The products and the philosophy of WiCAM fit perfectly to the dynamics of our company. Manufacturer-independent, interconnected, reliable and individually adaptable to innovations in the shortest possible time.’

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Solution logicielle en tôlerie

Automatisation CAO/CFAO


CFAO/imbrication, solution pour ERP/PPS-découpage CNC, poinçonnage, cisaillage, fraisage et usinage combiné-manuel à entièrement automatique.

Gestion des commandes


Gestion des commandes, planification détaillée, confirmation de production et suivi des dates et de la production.



Traitement, simulation de pliage et programmation externe de presse plieuse CNC de différents constructeurs.

CFAO en ligne


Calcul de coût basé sur le Web, conversion de format CAO et NC, traitement, création de paramétrique.



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