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posted on 12. May 2022

WiCAM remains independent

News, 12. May 2022

At the beginning of 2022, the WiCAM group of companies was repositioned for the long term.

After the unexpected death of company founder Harald Wilkesmann in 2017, a phase of uncertainty began. Mr Timo Eigenblut, who had been with the company since 1995 and was the second man behind Mr Wilkesmann, then took over the management of the entire group of companies as a first step.


We are pleased to inform you today that Mr Eigenblut and his investment company “TE Invest GmbH” took over the majority shares of the WiCAM group of companies at the beginning of this year. The remaining shares were transferred to the non-profit “WiCAM Foundation” in accordance with the will of the company’s founder.


With this step WiCAM remains one of the few globally operating tech companies in private hands and guarantees customers, partners and machine manufacturers absolute manufacturer neutrality for the future.

This is the basis for continuing to lead Mr Wilkesmann’s lifelong dream, with his philosophy and visions, successfully and aspiringly.


As the company’s first employee, Mr Timo Eigenblut began his career at WiCAM in the mid-90s. Together with Mr Wilkesmann, he laid the foundation for the company’s current success. Over the years, the company expanded and Mr. Eigenblut took over the management of the operative business as well as the development of the current branches as early as 2007.


Today, with offices around the globe and more than 70 employees, WiCAM is the leading technology provider of highly efficient CAD/CAM nesting software for industry.

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Online unfolding, calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, parametric component creation.


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