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posted on 1. September 2023

WiCAM Foundation invests in education

News, 1. September 2023

The founder of today’s WiCAM GmbH “Mr. Harald Wilkesmann” has always known that first-class software solutions and an educated society go hand in hand. One is not possible without the other.

Already during his lifetime, he built WiCAM GmbH into a globally operating technology company together with today’s managing director Mr. Timo Eigenblut and always gave technology-enthusiastic talents the opportunity to make a career and to develop solutions that had a lasting impact on mechanical engineering in terms of automation.

We are pleased to inform you today that this year the WiCAM Foundation has decided to award a total of 45 Germany Scholarships at Germany’s most prestigious university.

The scholarships are awarded in the fields of “mathematics, information and mechanical engineering” in order to actively strengthen Germany as a technology location.

The WiCAM Foundation has set itself the goal of promoting Germany as a technology location with a view to industrial production.

Driven by the idea of helping to shape the software world of tomorrow with the economic success of WiCAM GmbH, Mr. Harald Wilkesmann decreed that, upon his death, WiCAM GmbH should be partly transferred to a foundation so that the future economic success of the company could partly benefit society.
After a short illness, Mr Wilkesmann passed away in 2017 – his last will was implemented and today’s WiCAM Foundation was born.

The mission of the WiCAM Foundation

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Advanced Manufacturing 2024

14. - 16.05.2024 | Exhibition

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In addition, the latest version of our PNCalculate was presented, a cloud-based calculation solution that can calculate internal prices in seconds via an API interface.

WiCAM at European trade fairs in March 2024

Participating in country-specific trade fairs emphasises our commitment to expanding our international network and presenting our software solutions.


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