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posted on 7. September 2016

PNCleanUp – New

News, 7. September 2016

PNControl – job scheduliung, machine monitoring, deadline control

The PNCleanUp is an extension module of PNControl. The components belonging to several orders are displayed in different colors. Thus the machine operator sees at a glance the correct deposit position for each part.

To ensure uniform labeling the components on the job sheets of the PN4000 from version 25.3_36 or higher are colored too.

After the feedback signal from the machine that the job is completed, a screen next to the unloading table displays the finished parts in order depending colors – faulty parts can be reordered by mouse click.

This new module is very useful for all customers nesting many different orders with small quantities together on common sheets in their daily business.

The PNCleanUp is available from October 2016 as an option for the current versions of PNControl.

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