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CAD/CAM/PPS Software for Pivatic machines

PivaPunch • PivaBend • PivaSystem | Fully automatic unfolding, nesting, punching, coil & bending

Pivatic has a long tradition in the production of high quality coil punching, shearing and bending equipment.

WiCAM developed the first post-processors for Pivatic machines as early as the beginning of the 2000s.

Today hundreds of Pivatic machines produce and communicate with WiCAM’s PN software.

Especially the PPS connectivity, the common cuts and the combination with any production process of other manufacturers enable our customers with Pivatic machines already today integrated ‘next level’ automation solutions.

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| Mr. Herrmann, Plant manager at Alko:

“In the early nineties we produced series with at least 20 20 identical parts by manually programming the coil punching / bending plant. To optimize our process chain, Pivatic recommended we contact the specialists at WiCAM. And a few days after installing PN4000, we were able to program the Pivatic automatically. Over the years, we have refined the solution and added more and more detail.”

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WiCAM software solution in 60 seconds!


CAD/CAM Software Solution for Pivatic machines

The manufacturer-independent CAD/CAM/Nesting system for all well-known machines – and all PPS/ERP and CAD systems. Control your machinery IT-integrated, fully automatic – and, if desired, decentralized. The powerful solutions of WiCAM ensure maximum productivity today and create the flexibility for the challenges of tomorrow.


PN4000 is the CAD / CAM / Nesting system for PPS / ERP-driven programming of CNC cutting, punching and portal milling machines of all kinds. The various modules and interfaces enable flexible job shop manufacturing, up to unmanned fully automated, industrial process chains.

Basic Functions

  • Cross-module data flow
  • Concept and detaile functions completely automatable
  • Manual changes at the component and on the nesting at any time
  • Optimizer for shortest moving distances and process times
  • Free definable macros
  • Nesting of any geometries


Punching automates the programming of CNC punching machines, from rectangular parts to complex contours. The algorithms recognize and control special tools, common cut-outs, necessary loading and unloading cycles, and avoid deformations and dangerours areas.

our Software Products

CAD/CAM System


CADCAM/Nesting solution for ERP/PPS controlled CNC cutting, punching, shearing, milling and combined machining

Order Management


Order management, detailed planning, production feedback and monitoring of deadlines and production.



Bend simulation and offline programming of CNC press brakes from various manufacturers.



Online unfolding, calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, parametric component creation.

AL-KO programms with WiCAM

Coil punching system with bend function and horizontal shearing – SAP controlled

  • Data transfer from PPS / ERP system
  • Automatic parts labeling
  • Automatic control of horizontal and vertical shears
  • Automatic control of bending stations
  • ‘Just in Time’ – production with quantity ,one’
  • Flexible parametric programming according to data lists
  • Individual nesting adaptation

The creation of holistic automation solutions based on CAD and order data has always been one of WiCAM’s core competencies.

This includes communication with various solutions of warehouse systems, transport logistics, order systems, calculation programs, etc.

Especially the ERP / PPS connectivity provides our customers with holistic next level automation solutions – from raw materials through production and delivery to post-calculation and analysis.

Supported Machines

CAD/CAM Automation - Supported Pivatic Machines


PCC  •  PivaPunch


PivaBend  •  PivaSystem




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PN4000 | Programming of current Amada press brakes now possible

All current Amada press brakes with the “AMNC 3i” control can now be programmed with the PNBend software module in PN4000.

WiCAM France SAS is now Qualiopi certified!

At WiCAM France SAS, we understand that investing in software also means investing in the knowledge and skills of your employees.


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