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Warema programms with WiCAM

PN4000 full automation – coil / embossing / punching / shearing / bending

Case Study
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Dalcos • Finn-Power • Winkelscherenkombimaschine
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25. lipca 2016
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Warema Renkhoff SE is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sun protection solutions for buildings. The Germany-based family enterprise employs approximately 3500 people. As in all areas, special emphasis is placed on flexibility with maximum automation in the field of sheet metal processing.

As in the late 90s the first Finn-Power right angle shear – punch combination machine replaced an LVD punching machine, Warema had precise ideas about this part of the production fully automatic creation and documentation of bending part from piece ,one ’.

As other vendors only could provide partial solutions, they decided for a cooperation with WiCAM and in a few months, the first solution was developed. The process chain start with the import of orders from the self-made ERP system. With the variant module in PN4000 the items are generated and nested together with other orders for the current material.

For maximum material utilization each sheet is cut to the exact part dimenesion. If material usage is too low, the CADCAM programmer can load other jobs and do the nesting again.

Mr. Vandeven (department manager – technology): Thus, the average material usage is over 90%. The advantage over the classic choices to standard formats is at least 5%. Based on a material consumption in this area per year only this PN module saves 250.000, – EUR per year.’ In the further process PN4000 controls the individual identification with the self-constructed embossing unit. After punching and shearing the stored bending information generate the programs for the automatic bending machines.

The automatic feedback from the CNC controls of the production steps report in real time the current production status to PN4000 – and urgent rush orders can be inserted reliably in seconds with a mouse click. Over time, production grew until today three punching shearing bending lines. Through the automatic multi-post processing the jobs can be rescheduled as required between the production lines with different controllers and software versions at any time. The next machine is already ordered in summer 2016 a new Prima Power SBe8 will further increase the production.

Mr Stefan Vandeven: WiCAM is an essential building block for the success of our company. Regarding automation and flexibility WiCAM offers a strong standard software. Especially in the field, industry 4.0 'the dynamic processes of our company have not only been supported, but in many cases additionally simplified by already existing solutions or creative suggestions ….’


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