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Bevel Cutting Plasma Autogen Thick sheet with WiCAM

CAD/CAM nesting software for strong boys

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MicroStep • Bystronic
Mechanical engineering
27. maart 2019
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For really heavy steel components and assemblies, Dulasta is one of the top addresses in the Netherlands. When nothing works without a heavy-duty crane, Harm Dunnink’s time has come.

For maximum business efficiency, since 2017 the Ridder IQ ERP system and the WiCAM PN4000 have been responsible for pricing, parts programming, nesting and logistics from offer to delivery. When the company restructured itself two years ago, the focus was on streamlining quotation, work preparation and administration.

Harm Dunnink: We had a time gap of 3 months for the introduction of the new ERP system. Our existing CADCAM system could only offer individual customizations for ERP integration, so that we would have become trial users. WiCAM has delivered prepared solutions in all relevant areas with the PN4000. We could start manufacturing from the very beginning.

In the quotation phase, the PN4000 communicates fully automatically with the ERP system. The customers receive the exact prices and possible delivery dates within seconds.

When the order is placed, the parts to produce are allocated to the various machines. For maximum flexibility, the final nesting is made just a few minutes before the cutting process.

Special features such as bevel cutting, common cut and part marking are an integral part of the automatic programming chain. The part preparation is manufacturer independent, so that changing machines and cutting technology does not cause any time delay.Right after the production process, PN4000 transmits the real-time data for the release of the further production steps and for post-calculation to the ERP system.

Harm Dunnink: WiCAM solutions fully meet our expectations. Today we are able to handle dead easy almost any number of incoming orders in a planned and efficient manner. For the future we do have all the opportunities for further growth with our customers and the flexible adaptation to the needs of the tomorrow markets.


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WiCAM op de TechniShow 2020

Op 17 t/m 20 maart 2020 zal WiCAM Benelux B.V. het huidige aanbod van CAD/CAM/Nesting software voor de plaatverwerkende industrie presenteren op de TechniShow / stand 07.A042 in Utrecht.

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