The module Unfold allows importing and unfolding of 3D-models from other CAD systems. After importing the model is shown in 3d view which can be zoomed and rotated. If the 3d model is an assembly then the single parts can be selected and shown individually.

The unfold can be created and used for nc programming with a simple keypress. Problems in the 3D-model can be analyzed and fixed with the repair function.

All bending parameters are material based and can be defined as bend deduction or K-factor. The bending radius and angle will be considered as well as the thickness.

You can automate the import and unfold of 3D-models as well as the subsequent processing with the module Automation in a batch run respectively controlled by a PPS-/ERP-system.

These formats are supported:

STEP Import | IGES Import | SAT Import | STL Import | SolidWorks | SolidEdge | Inventor | Parasolid | Catia V4 / V5 | NX | Creo / ProE | JT