The product PNCleanUp facilitate and accelerate the clearance and picking for consignments after cutting. The parts can either be cleared immediately or be palletised into an automised storage first and then requested by the order picker.

PNCleanUp is an extension for PNControl. According to the requirements the consignments are created based in certain criteria (e.g. order number, customer, project, position, follow-up operations, etc.).

After end signal from the machine the finished parts are shown in different colors on a screen at the table where the employee take the parts. He can, at a glance, recognise which part belongs to which order and therefore sort them accordingly. For consistent identification the parts have the same color as in the work paper from PN4000.


  • Display of cut nestings at the seperation table
  • Colored identification of the different consignments for easier sorting
  • Label printing
  • Reporting good parts and junk to PPS/ERP
  • Reporting of working operation “Cleared” to PPS/ERP



Bader Group use WiCAM
Cross-plant manufacturing control, PNControl, PNCleanUp

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