There are special features for the programming of waterjet machines. Alongside the support of Multi-Head-Aggregates also bevel information in CAD is read and automatically transformed into correct processing.


  • Automatic contour lead-in and lead-out with collision check
  • Automatic recognition of different contour and pierce types
  • Automatic placing of bevels (Over-/Subbevel with/without Base, X-bevel and K-bevel)
  • Supporting Multi-Head-Aggregates
  • Supporting 5-Axis processing for bevels with dynamic angle changes
  • Automatic placing of micro joints
  • Automatic engraving/marking
  • Different approach strategies
  • Free definable processing macros
  • Automatic reduction depending of the change of angles
  • Automatic reduction depending of the radius
  • Vectorization of bitmap graphics
  • Manual changes in a single part and on the sheet  are possible anytime
  • Automatic nesting of any geometry details

You will find an overview of the already connected machines here.