The module punching automates the programming of CNC-punch machines. It offers features with which complex programs can be created much faster and easier. Specific programming processes get supported, especially in the way of recognition of special tools, bypasses, combined seperated cuts and necessary in- and outloading cycles.


  • Automatic contour processing for any part geometries
  • Face destruction for any inside and outside contours
  • Automatic search for alternate tools
  • Combined common cuts with automatic disposal of single parts through trap door and lift
  • Automatic recognition of cluster tools and special tools
  • Automatic repositioning, rotating and turning for oversized metal sheets
  • Automatic optimization of the tool path
  • Automatic optimization of the order of tools
  • Minimization of tool swaps
  • Automatic placing of markings and labels
  • Automatic placing of webs
  • Manual changes in the single part and on the metal sheet  are possible anytime
  • Automatic nesting for combined separation cuts or rest grid details

You will find an overview of the already connected machines here.


KUIPERS programmed with WiCAM (PN4000)
automated Trumpf

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