The module Nesting automatically provides the very best material usage and very high level safety in the running of process of the machine. With combined common cuts for punch and laser machining the efficiency factor increases and the processing time decreases. With integrated stock control of material you register stocks and consumptions plus information which is related to the material (e.g. batch number and storage location).


  • Automatic nesting of all complex single parts on any geometric parts (e.g. normal plates and plate remnants)
  • Different strategies to achieve best material usage
  • Nesting for combined separation cuts (punching and laser)
  • Nesting for machines with shear
  • Automatic nesting for machines with multi-head cutting
  • Mixture of different technologies possible
  • Separating cuts on the sheet
  • Nesting of pre-fabricated parts
  • Consideration of part / waste disposal
  • Automatic nesting of part groups
  • Automatic rotation of parts (even with any angles)
  • Inside contours also used for nesting
  • All nested results can be manually modified
  • Nesting for processing without skeleton grid (Scrap Free Working)
  • Mixing of parts for common line cutting and grid nesting combined on the same sheet
  • Automatic generation of plate Remnants details
  • All nesting parameters can be configurated depending on the machine and material