The module Laser automates the programming of laser machines. The application has special technology tables whose parameters are dependent to material as well as thickness of the metal sheet. All complex geometry forms and elements will be recognized and processed for optimal machining.


  • Automatic contour lead-in and lead-out with collision check
  • Automatic recognition of different contour and pierce types
  • Automatic separating of waste
  • Automatic locating of dispose like trap door or lift
  • Automatic locating of micro joints
  • Automatic engraving/marking
  • Different approach strategies
  • Free definable processing macros
  • Optimizer for shorter process time
  • Supporting Fly-Cutting
  • Automatic evaporation
  • Automatic reduction of extreme angles
  • Dimples
  • Vectoring of bitmap graphics
  • Manual changes in a single part and on the sheet are possible anytime
  • Automatic nesting of any geometry details

You will find an overview of machines already supported here.


KUIPERS programmed with WiCAM (PN4000)
automated Trumpf

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