PN4000 offers different options of automation. Individual solutions are possible next to standards.


With a script language PN4000 can be controlled externally. The script can run by opening PN4000 and displaying all the graphics or in silent mode were no graphics are displayed. Examples for script:

  1. Starting PN4000
  2. Importing CAD file
  3. Defining single part technology (laser, punching)
  4. Importing order information
  5. Automatic nesting
  6. Output of the NC-programs
  7. Feedback to PPS
  8. Close PN4000


The feature Autoloop is a question of an interface with which different information from outside will be transferred in PN4000. Examples for Autoloop:

  1. Importing geometric information
  2. Generating parametric with parameters
  3. Programming single parts
  4. Exporting graphics
  5. Automatic calculation of parts
  6. Applying orders
  7. Justifying inventories
  8. Combination of nesting jobs


Full automatic processing of all upcoming orders sorted by machine, material and sheet thickness. Extra filters such as customer, date and subsequent processing can be used. Examples for Jobloop:

  1. Automatic nesting
  2. Optimisation of the process
  3. Combined common cuts
  4. Output of NC-programs and production papers
  5. Feedback to PPS

PN Engine

The PN engine monitors certain directories and automatically performs different actions. This way the PN Engine can perform several standard functions like the completion of a Multiloop. It can automatically process orders of a PPS or feedback files from machines.


Elevator and Door manufacturing automated with WiCAM
PPS ERP SAP controlled

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