Autogen / Plasma

There are special features for the programming of autogenous and plasma machines. For example, bevel information can be read from the CAD and automatically be applied correctly to the processing.


  • Automatic contour lead-in and lead-out with collision check
  • Automatic recognition of different cutting paramters
  • Automatic placing of bevels (over-/subbevel with/without tab, X-bevel and K-bevel)
  • Supporting multi-head-cutting machines
  • Supporting 5-Axis processing for bevels with dynamic angle changes
  • Automatic placing of micro joints
  • Automatic engraving/marking
  • Different approach strategies
  • Free definable processing macros
  • Automatic reduction in corners
  • Dimples
  • Automatic nesting of any geometry details

You will find an overview of machines already supported here.


Liebherr utilising WiCAM
PPS/ERP – controlled group solution

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