The Control Centre PNControl is a powerful tool for scheduling, job control, execution and monitoring of all manufacturing and production deadlines.

The jobs created with PN4000 (or the relevant NC data) are directly sent to the machine. The data is then made available to the Control Centre for monitoring. At the same time the NC data can be generated within PN4000 with different automated processes such as Multi-Loop or PN Engine simultaneously for several machines.


  • Management of jobs and nests
  • Graphical representation of machine utilisation
  • Statistic functions for part status, machine usage, material utilisation
  • Simple enquiries of the status of parts
  • Floating network license granting access rights to groups (administrator, production management, engineering, user, guest)
  • Online feedback of the manufactured parts on the machine according to the PN4000 and ERP System (depending on the machine options)
  • Manual confirmation of finished plates/parts by the machine operator
  • Feedback of the actual time per job


Just take a look at the Addon PNCleanUp. This makes it easier and faster to clean up after cutting.