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CAD/CAM Online

CAD/CAM Online

Web-based calculation, CAD and NC format conversion, unfolding, geometry creation.

Use essential parts of our products online without previous knowledge.

As manufacturer, you can integrate the algorithms into your own products via the API interface.


Calculate the costs for various components online. Send a part or entire orders and select the production variables such as materials, thicknesses and machine type. As a result, you will receive the costs in tabular form. The calculation is available in different stages, right through to your own.

Upload/Import: DXF | DWG | ME10 | IGES | TOPS-GEO | SolidWorks | Solid Edge | Inventor | ProE | Creo | Catia | Step | Sat | Iges

Download/Export: CSV lists | Prices | Weights | Amount

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CAD Converter

The CAD Converter converts your CAD files into different formats.
Send one or more files and download these parts to your computer in the desired format.

Upload/Import: DXF | DWG | ME10 | IGES | TOPS-GEO | CUT5

Download/Export: DXF | DWG | ME10 | TOPS-GEO | IGES | JPG | BMP | GIF | PDF | HPGL

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NC Converter

The NC Converter translates your existing NC programs into executable programs for other machines / controllers.

Upload/Import: Bystronic Laser | Esab Autogen-Plasma | Messer Autogen/Plasma

Download/Export: Amada F1 3015 | Amada FO 3015 | Amada Ensis | Bystronic Laser | Prima Zaphiro P20L | Mitsubishi ML3015 | Salvagnini L3 | TruLaser L3030 L20 | TruLaser 3050 5KW | TruLaser 5030 Fiber L41

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Unfold automatically processes your 3D data and creates the flat patterns for 2D editing.

Upload/Import: SolidWorks | Solid Edge | Inventor | ProE | Creo | Catia | Step | Sat | Iges

Download/Export: DXF | DWG | TOPS-GEO.

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Forms creates for you different often required geometric shapes by entering parameters.

Input: desired shape | descriptive parameters

Download/Export: DXF | DWG

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API - Interface

Make use of subfunctions or the full capabilities of our online tools in your programs – and in your interfaces. The standardized API interface provides you with fast and accurate calculated data and files for your products.

Data exchange: API | according to arrangement



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