The idea of the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) was picked up in 1986 by the leader of WiCAM GmbH Technische Software Mister Harald Wilkesmann.

Once he handled a Behrens punching machine in his night shift at the ANT-Nachrichtentechnik company. Somehow it should be possible to develop a program for sheet metal production which automatically generate necessary data for the machine.

Based on this idea first calculation programs were formed for single punching operations with help of many years of analysis and development time. After that the program has been developed for nibble production of poly lines. With this background and to finance further developments WiCAM could gave a NC-programming in order as service to the industry like:

  • Transfer or redefining of part geometries
  • Creation of punch/nibble NC-programs

In the past 10 years the system always developed, even more, it was written completely new 4 times. The technical expertises from other machines and their characteristics demanded that. New technologies like Multi-Cuts, loading and unloading got supported, also the laser technology has made a big progress.

Since 1994 the distribution has begun with the production. The main idea was: first comes the product, second the distribution. Always with the desire for an united europe and the global internationalization the focus of WiCAM was aligned to these markets. With success.

Today WiCAM is one of the very few hightech providers for the automatically NC-programming in the field of metal sheet production.